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Project Description
Html5.ManifestController is a software for HTML5 Developers who building a AppCache project.

By Html5.ManifestController, you can:
1、Update Manifest file automatically while depending files changed.
2、Update Manifest file all the time / never.
3、Auto add all the files in a directory.

How to use:
1. Copy Html5.ManifestController.exe and Manifest.aspx to your HTML5 Website Project's root directory.
2. Run Html5.ManifestController.exe and setup file lists for CACHE/FALLBACK/NETWORK and depending files( when depending files changed, Manifest file could be updated automatically). One line, One file/directory.
3. Click the button on right buttom, to start service. Double click icon to pause service and open window.
4. Set Manifest.aspx as manifest attribute in <html> tag; like: <html manifest="Manifest.aspx">.

ps: You can set a whole directory by end with '/'. For example, when you input /Scripts/, all the files in /Scripts/ will be added to Manifest file (/Scripts/a.js , /Scripts/SecondLevel/b.js , ect.).


4、将Manifest.aspx设为<html>标签中的manifest属性,如:<html manifest="Manifest.aspx">。

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